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Moving Tips


Moving Preparation Tips

 FOUR WEEKS BEFORE MOVING:·          Go through your home and decide which items may be discarded or donated to charity.  You might want to consider a garage sale.·          Look over the food inventory in your home, start to diminish what food supply you may not need moved to your new home. THREE WEEKS BEFORE MOVING:·          Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you have them moved.·          We cannot accept for shipment aerosols, flammables, ammunitions or any items that may be alive, reproduce, or potentially become explosive or combustible.  Propane tanks must be empty.·          Notify the post office of your intent to move and get a change of address form.  Notify subscriptions and other regular mailings you receive before your move. TWO WEEKS BEFORE MOVING:·          Make your travel reservations for the trip.

·          Decide which items you will pack or would like an outside company to pack. 

·          Arrange to discontinue utilities and delivery services.  Arrange to have your new utilities turned on at your destination.  Most moving companies will not disconnect gas lines.·          Also, most moving companies are not able to take down and/or disassemble TV antennas, please arrange to have that done prior to your move. ONE WEEK BEFORE MOVING:·          Transfer bank accounts to your new credit union or bank.·          Reconfirm travel arrangements.·          Arrange to have cash, certified check or money order to pay driver before your goods are unloaded.·          Set aside maps, games, snacks and other items you will take yourself in the car.·          Make sure you have sufficient medicines and gather important papers. ONE DAY BEFORE MOVING:·          Put cleaning supplies, toiletries and coffee pot in special box to be loaded last and unloaded first.·          Finish packing all suitcases.·          Defrost, clean and dry refrigerator. MOVING DAY:·          Be on hand during your load to answer any questions your movers may have.·          Verify with your movers your destination address, date, times and phone numbers.

·          Make a final check of items to be moved, including storage units and garage areas.

If you have questions, or would like us to provide you with additional information about our FREE MOVE OFFER, please send us a message.  We'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks!

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